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What We Think About The Crown 3 Tank

Hey hey hey, we hope everyone has been good. We took a brief break from posting articles but today we are back. This post will be about a new Sub Ohm Tank that’s been on the market for a few weeks. We did receive a early sample of this one, but this will not influence what we say today. We are not selling it, we are not a affiliate of any kind, & there is no relationship between the company and us. We just happen to have a friend who works for Uwell and they sent us a Tank to check out & use.

The Tank is the Crown 3, which is the 3rd release of this Sub Ohm Tank. The first was very famous, had excellent flavor, good vapor production, and all around performed well. The design wasn’t that great though. The 2nd version pretty much sucked. That’s well known in the Vape community. They tried something new for the coils (bullet design) and it ruined them. There was a burnt taste after a hour of using it, and overall the coils were just horrible. The design of the Crown 2 was a little better then the first one.

Now comes the brand new Crown 3 Tank. Boy did they get it right this time around. Completely redesigned and innovative coils utilizing a push / pull system. That’s right, no more screwing the coil into the base of the Tank. Now you just pull on the end a little bit and it comes right out. Same thing for getting it back in. It has a very easy / smooth feeling to it because it doesn’t just come right out, it slides softly and is a great feature of the new coils. The design of the Uwell Crown 3 Sub Ohm Tank is better than the previous versions,  a I would say say they did good all around this time. It’s a great looking Tank & comes in 5 gorgeous colors including: Stainless Steel, Iridescent (Rainbow), Sapphire Blue, Matte Black, & Black. So far the most popular colors are; Matte Black, Sapphire Blue, & the Iridescent. So far we really love using the Crown 3. It Vapes excellent, provides 10/10 flavor, doesn’t get too hot, looks great, and the top fill is very easy and convenient to use.

If you are thinking about picking up this awesome Sub Ohm Tank then we suggest heading over to The Best Vape to do so. They have all five colors in Stock I believe (Or last time I checked) and they have it priced lower than all of the other Online Vape Shops. Here is the direct link to the Uwell Crown 3 Tank –

They also have the coils as well. There are 2 different coil types available for the Crown 3; a .25 ohm coil & a .5 ohm coil. They might be out of stock now, but they have more coming any day now. If they don’t have any when you are there you can sign up for a in-stick notification on the Crown 3 Replacement Coils page.

Well we told you all about this new Tank and how we feel about it I think. Don’t wait too long if you are going to pick one up, they are selling out fast, everywhere. If you do get one we hope you like it as much as we do. I hope you all enjoyed this post and let us know if you do get one by submitting a comment below.