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iPhone Repair Boca Raton

Today we are going to write about a iphone repair boca raton shop that did such a good job fixing my iPhone that I decided to write about them. I did tons of searches online for a good iphone repair shop in Boca Raton and there were tons of them. So many that it was hard to find a good one. After calling about 10 of them we came to the inclusion that only 1 was a good shop and cared about the service and our phone. This place is iPhone Is and they are located in Boca Raton. You can either bring your phone in to them or if you do not live close by you can mail it to them as well. The process was pretty easy, we brought the phone in, spoke to the employee for about 10 minutes, and then they said we can pick up the phone in 2 hours. We left and went out to eat, and within a hour they emailed the person I was with (gave my friends email to notify when finished) to say they were done and I can pick up the phone. I was very surprised because it felt like we just dropped the phone off. Anyways, we went back to the iphone repair shop and got the phone. Everything was perfect, it worked like it was brand new. The appearance was excellent as well, there were no signs that anything was wrong with it or ever was. Oh btw, in case your wondering what was wrong, the phone dropped and the screen cracked which caused everything to stop working. So after checking the phone and making sure everything was working, we spoke to the manager for a few minutes and then left. The service was fantastic, they were very friendly, the prices were extremely competitive, and overall I couldn’t be happier. If anything every happens to my iphone again I know exactly where I am bring it for repairs. That place is located in Boca Raton Florida. Check out their site for more information and then let us know how the repair comes out. Thanks for reading this review and have a great day.